Know thy visitors – who are these people, and why are they here?

Do you know who your website visitors are?

For your website content to be highly effective, it’s important that you are able to define, identify, and address your website visitors.

Knowing your website visitors enables your website content to immediately speak directly to them in a meaningful way, leading to better conversions. This process is simple, but not easy. People arrive at your website for a variety of different reasons.

You should be able to definitively answer these questions:

1) Who are these people (your website’s visitors)?
2) Why are they here (at your website)?

With careful research and testing, it is possible to have a very good understanding about who these people are and why they are here (looking at your website), among other things. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to break these people down into three main archetypes.

Most of your website visitors will break down into one of three types:

  • The Ready To Buy (RTB) visitor
  • The Still Needs To Be Sold (SNTBS) visitor
  • The Existing Customer visitor (EC)

Note: Understand that when we say “buy” that is just our general catch-all term for ‘take action’.  Whatever action you desire from your website visitor is what you’re selling. That action is also known as a conversion.

The Ready To Buy visitor (RTB)

In your eagerness to sell, don’t forget that some of your visitors are already sold.

Your RTB visitor is already convinced of the value of your offer when he arrives at your website.

What does the Ready To Buy visitor need from you?

Your RTB visitor is already convinced of the value of your offer, so what content does this visitor need or want from your website?

Information: Despite being convinced of the value of your offer, your RTB visitor may still have some questions for you, such as “How do I get my hands on one of these?”  So, you want to be sure you provide your RTB visitor with content that will answer any questions he may have. Your content should clearly present important information your RTB visitor needs, such as:

  • Order forms
  • Prices
  • Special offers
  • Installation procedures
  • Product details
  • Support
  • Delivery options

Always be sure to tailor some of your website content to accommodate the RTB visitor as well.

The Still Needs To Be Sold visitor (SNTBS)

Your SNTBS visitor needs to be convinced to buy from you when he arrives at your website.

What does the Still Needs To Be Sold visitor need from you?

The SNTBS visitor either needs to be convinced to buy it, to buy it from YOU (as opposed to your competition), or both. Ideally, your website’s content should effectively address each of these possible scenarios. Keep in mind that just because he still needs to be sold doesn’t mean that the SNTBS visitor isn’t interested in what you offer.

The the SNTBS visitor may be:

  • Deciding whether he needs/wants what you offer
  • Figuring out if he can afford your offer
  • Comparing your offer to that of your competition
  • Doing pre-purchase research about your offer (we call this ‘tire-kicking’)
  • Considering alternative options

It’s a good idea for you to have an understanding of what is important to the SNTBS visitor, based on your knowledge of what is their pain, predicament or problem and how your product or service alleviates it. Think about ways you can present website content that will effectively do that.

Your SNTBS visitor wants to know “What’s in it for me?”

Your SNTBS visitor needs to have information that will enable him to fully understand the benefits of doing business with you. Your content needs to help him to see the value of your offer.

Your website content should make it clear to both your Ready To Buy visitor and your Still Needs To Be Sold visitor exactly what you offer and how they can get it.

Establish Credibility and Trust

Your SNTBS visitor needs to know that he can trust you.  Establishing credibility and trust should be at the top of the list when developing content for the SNTBS visitor.

Gather testimonials

Nobody sells your business as well as your existing happy customers. And bonus! Not only does it help convince the SNTBS visitors to buy from you, by featuring testimonials as part of your website content you also underscore and reinforce your RTB visitors and your EC vistors confidence that they have made the right decision by doing business with you. Here’s a helpful set of testimonial questions you can use to gather customer testimonials.

Accreditation and Awards

If you are accredited in some way that is important to your industry or market segment, be sure to include this information in your website content. If you’ve won any awards that would be meaningful to your website visitors, be sure to include this information in your website content.


If it’s important to your visitors that your company or organization has an established history, then be sure to include information about your history in your website content.

The Existing Customer visitor (EC)

Never forget that visitors to your website include your existing customers. Don’t get so caught up in the “sales” part of your website content that you forget these oh so very important visitors.

What does the Existing Customer visitor need from you?


Your EC visitor needs to feel adored (valued and cared for) when he arrives at your website. Do you adore your existing customers?


Your existing customer needs to know about things like new products, upgrades, where to find support, and how to reach you. He needs content that provides updates, information, support, news, and most of all: a reason to stay loyal to you.


Your EC visitor may also want to re-affirm his buying decision or compare you to a new competitor on the market to see how you stack up. Be sure your website content supports your existing customer and encourages their continued loyalty.

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