Content Strategy

Content strategy and copy writing services are included with RE web design & web development services.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content that supports meaningful, interactive experiences. The goal of content is to engage your audience, convey your message, and inspire action. A good content strategy includes an understanding of your audience and their needs as well as your business goals.

Content strategy is a passion for us at RE, because we’ve seen how a well-implemented content strategy can lead to some amazing results for our clients. In fact, we wrote The Web Content Guide to help you understand how to create effective website content.

First things first. And by first, we mean content.

We believe in and practice a “content first” approach to website projects. Why? Because the main purpose of a website is the delivery of content, so it doesn’t make sense to focus on visual design and functionality first, at the expense of content. It’s important that we think about (and do!) content first, which enables us to make good design decisions and ensure your website achieves your goals.

Content is first, but it’s not alone.

Your website’s content is also closely tied in with user experience, visual design, information architecture, copy writing, web development, and SEO, as well as with your overall marketing and brand strategy. RE works with your team to pull together all of these important elements to create an effective content strategy for your website.

The RE content strategy process

It’s our goal to help you produce the best possible website content that engages and converts. Our process includes conducting a content audit, helping you develop a sitemap, create structured content templates, and set up a content creation and approval workflow.

Copy writing

RE is home to professional copy writers and can assist you with writing your web content. Or, we can actually write all of your web copy for you.

We do all copy and web content writing in-house; we never outsource it. All writing is done by US English-speaking (some of us even have an actual B.A. in English) writers, with years of professional career experience in sales, advertising, and marketing communications writing. We know how to write copy that is engaging and converts well.
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