How a staging site streamlines your website project

A staging server gives you a real-time environment for testing and review of your website before it goes live.

The RE process is designed to keep everything about your web design project streamlined, efficient and easy for you to navigate. When it comes to web projects, whether it be a full website design or a simple landing page design, one of the ways we do this is to provide our clients with a fully functioning dedicated staging web server that’s private and password protected. This gives you and your team a real-time environment for testing and review of the design and functionality of your web project before it goes live.

A staging site allows you and your team to:

  • Preview new blog posts, new pages, or new page layouts
  • Preview content updates
  • See how new site architecture looks and functions
  • Test new content on different devices and browsers
  • Review your web forms design and functions
  • A/B test new landing pages or other user experiences
  • Demonstrate or test new website technologies and functions
  • Test WP and plugin updates or configuration changes

A private staging area goes beyond a mere screen capture or design comp because it’s an actual clone of your exact website that’s completely hidden from the public where we can add, change or adjust the design, content and functions and then test them in a real-world environment without exposing any errors to your website visitors or affecting any existing areas of your live site.

Wait, aren’t interactive prototypes good enough?

Nope. Here’s why.

The advantage of a private staging server over interactive prototypes is that because it lives on an actual web server, functioning exactly as a live website would, your website or web pages can be tested on any browser and on any device in real time. This is an incredible time saver which eliminates that middle step of mock-ups and minimally functioning prototypes that don’t function like a real website in an external environment.

Another benefit is that your staging server is hosted on the same server as your website, so you get to experience how the site actually performs in the browser, including the website’s actual page load speed. This allows us to make any adjustments to elements that may be slowing things down and optimize page load speeds before we put it live.

A staging site is a great way to review any major changes or additions we’re doing to your website without disrupting the public’s view.

Also, while we’re building out the website or adding the new content or changing the site architecture, we can also perform basic on-page SEO for the new contents, generate an updated sitemap, optimize new images, and dozens of other important housekeeping tasks, without compromising the SEO or the user experience of your live website.

Work out all those kinks behind closed doors

We recently set up a new web form for one of our clients which required a somewhat intricate series of steps for notifications and confirmations. We were able to set the form up on their staging site, test it fully, work out the kinks, and ensure flawless performance of the form before we put it live on their website.

RE uses a staging server for all of our own website changes and updates, so we’re very familiar with all the benefits of having a private staging area for testing and review any time we update, change, or add new content.

The beauty of our process is that once everything on the staging server is approved, we can then put it live on your domain within a few minutes, with no interruption of your existing site. And we automatically make a full backup of your existing site before we begin putting your new/changed website live (the backup can also quickly be restored at any time).

Our goal is to make your web design project go smoothly in a process that’s as streamlined, efficient and easy for you as possible. By providing you with a private staging server for your website, we give you a real-time environment for testing and review of the design and functionality of your web project before it goes live.

If you’ve got a website project you’d like us to work on for you, please feel free to contact us and tell us about it!

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