Know thyself – what your website visitors want to know about you.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Tell your website visitors about YOU.

As much as we’ve preached the gospel of “your website visitors must always come first”, they still want – and need – to know something about you.

So, actually this is still all about them! It’s important to tell them what they want and need to know about you for a few reasons.

  • You need to establish credibility and trust in order for anyone to feel good about buying from you.
  • They want to know that they can make a connection with you.
  • They need to clearly understand what the benefit is to them when they buy from you.

Because of this, the information you provide about yourself is actually still  in line with the idea of putting your visitors first. We have to remember that even though we are communicating via a machine, we are still people behind that machine. Let them know that they are still making a connection to a real person/people. Tell your website visitors who you are.

Who are you, anyway?

You can let your visitors know who you are in various ways. Here are a few ideas.

  • Author a blog on your website
  • Feature a “Meet Our Team” section of your website with photos and short bios
  • Post a personal message from a top executive or owner on the “About” page
  • Publish testimonials
  • Put up a photo gallery
  • Provide a history of your company or organization
  • Feature news items about your people and events
  • Publish a regular newsletter

However you decide to let your website visitors know about you, just remember to always keep them and their needs in mind, and understand that they’re looking at you because they want to learn something about you, but also because they need to know they can trust you.

Keep your message brief and to the point, and focus on the key benefits for your visitors.

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